S2 EP2 // Laceinne & Coupe Talk Vegan Lifestyle, Water Fasting, Free Birth & Holistic Pregnancy


On this episode of 'Influence Me', Shanie Ryan is joined by The Pink Coconut curator, holistic pregnancy coach, doula & blogger Laceinne & her husband Coupe DC who is a personal trainer, water fasting coach & nutrition expert.

This episode is so varied and speaks with not one but two expert guests. Laceinne opens up about her personal experience with free birth / unassisted birth, she shares how to experience a holistic pregnancy, and discusses her choice to raise her baby on an entirely plant-based diet. Coupe has a wealth of knowledge in both health & nutrition, he coaches hundreds of people online on water fasting and its benefits and speaks to his knowledge as a personal trainer on making healthy lifestyle choices. Combined they have over 100,000 followers and their lifestyle choices both intrigue and inspire.
In this series, we'll dig deep to get to know the real person behind the digital fame. Shanie will introduce you to some incredible people, with amazing journeys and stories that you can either relate to, learn from or be inspired by.